segunda-feira, 31 de outubro de 2011

para a professora madalena trabalho de inglês

Games Guadalajara follow the trend, with three mascots Region is represented by Leo, and Gavo Hiuchi 
Leo and Gavo Hiuchi, characters that represent characteristics of the region of Jalisco, thePan American Games.The mascots of the Pan American Games in Guadalajara in October, representing the region of Jalisco, which includes the city of Mexico.Following the trend of the Olympic Games - which is also interesting for marketing products - the mascot of this year are three Pan: Hiuchi (Doe), Leo (cat) and Gavo (type of cactusblue, now its sap used for making sweetener).The names were chosen by 36,474 voters, who have spoken for a month at the polls andinternet.The state of Jalisco is located beside the Pacific Ocean and the mascots are representatives of the regional characteristics.For the Pan de Guadalajara, were built 23 venues, three retired and three others, on loan from clubs.It is expected the participation of about six thousand athletes from 42 countries competing in 36 sports.

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